• Individual Leadership Coaching - Typically aimed at the C-Suite and high potential leaders. A typical engagement is between 6-18 months through both in person and phone sessions. 

  • Leadership Team Coaching - Given the multiple pressures faced by organizational leaders and lack of adequate training in requisite skills, inter-personal challenges often cause significant disruptions in the workplace. These not just negatively impact the morale, but team effectiveness and productively as well. I work with leadership teams to help them better understand each other, appreciate different perspectives, resolve conflicts and better align individual and team goals. Additionally, I support new members transition successfully to their expanded leadership roles that call for working beyond their departmental silos.  A typical engagement is between 6-18 months. 

  • Leadership Team 'Pulse' Assessment - Like any machine, teams need regular checkups to ensure that they are healthy and performing effectively. Regular checkups allow for emergent irritants and opportunities to be brought up early and enable leaders to take corrective course of actions. Additionally, these assessments are useful as a quick check on how the senior team is responding to any significant new development in the workplace. Typically,  I meet one on one with the leadership team, create a safe and enabling space and engage in in-depth conversations about the health of the organization/specific topic. I summarize the key emergent themes and present them to the leader and work with her/him to prioritize and identify key next steps. These engagements are typically completed over two-four days.  

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment  - To support leaders and senior managers assess their current performance as measured by industry standard competencies associated with Emotional Intelligence. Further, I work with individual participants to identify and develop a road map to develop chosen competencies. This assessment could be conducted as a stand alone intervention or as part of a larger talent development program. 

  • Team Interactive Sessions and Motivational Talks- Based on the needs of the organization, I create short team interactive sessions on various topics related to Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Leadership. These sessions create an enjoyable opportunity for structured introspection and learning. Typical duration - Two hours to two days. ​