Balanced Leadership

A Critical Need


If you are interested in holistic transformation as an individual or as a team, based on scientifically proven methods and backed by the wisdom of traditional cultures, then read on….


The Cultivating Emotional Balance for Mindful Leadership Training (CEB) Program is an intensive deep dive for the committed learner designed to increase happiness within oneself and in relationship to others. This globally successful program has been scientifically shown to improve behaviours and overall individual and group wellness. For more information, please click

CEB integrates modern psychology and neuroscience, scientific emotion research and the wisdom and practices of contemplative traditions into a secular platform for human transformation. In other words, CEB marries the evidence-based practices of modern science with the wisdom of Indo-Tibetan traditions. CEB is a 25-42 hour program that is ideally spread of five to seven sessions over two-three months.

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What Will You Gain?


Five Key Benefits


  • Alignment of Purpose and Vision:  Improved clarity on what is truly important for your long term fulfillment and alignment of individual and team goals. 

  • Cultivate Attention Skills:  Significant improvement in ability to focus and minimize distraction. Studies have shown that our minds are wandering about 47% of the time. Imagine the improved productivity resulting from increased ability to focus

  • Improved Cognitive Ability:  Minimize cognitive biases that constantly mislead us. See the world (threats/opportunities) more clearly.

  • Emotional Management: Being better equipped to recognize and manage destructive emotions/negative moods and cultivate positivity

  • Improved Relationships: Repaired some damaged relationships and improved connection with others

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Program Highlights


Given the increasing level of stress in our lives, the Dalai Lama requested a group of internationally recognized neuroscientists, psychologists, leadership experts and meditation practitioners to develop a secular program to help people manage the everyday obstacles of our destructive emotions and cultivate a wholesome way of being.



  • Further, this short four-minute video highlights the neuroscience behind cultivating wellbeing and happiness – topics that we will go into depth during the CEB program ( 


  • This program is designed to support participants develop mastery of the time tested mind management tools to start applying immediately.




Over six weeks in New York and Switzerland, I completed an intensive six-week teacher training certification. For the next six months, I applied the lessons learned and was pleasantly surprised to see a reduction in my destructive emotions, improvement in two significant relationships and an overall improvement in mental balance.


This personal experience was the catalyst I needed to bring this world-class in-depth personal transformation program to India both for individuals and for organizational teams.

It has been great to see the participants transform over the duration of the program.

Sanjay Rao Chaganti Certificate


Raj Dharmaraj 
Head People Transition & Transformation Group - India & APAC, Cognizant



Though a lifelong fan of personal development literature and learning programs, I'm also been a person whose idealism is tempered with a healthy dash of cynicism, I didn't think that I would ever write a testimonial about a course, stating that it changed my life. However I'm glad to finally be able to say with conviction that the Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) course led by Sanjay, has made a big  positive change to my outlook and the way I approach both my personal & work life.


In the last few years, I'd been struggling with an increasing emotional see-saw often the result of external situations beyond my control. I signed up for the CEB course, with the primary aim of trying to cope better with these ups and downs. The course presents a wonderful framework to address the issue of achieving emotional balance and happiness. What appealed to me was that it is combines the best of western psychology & neuroscience and our own traditional "eastern" philosophies - CEB seamlessly integrates the 2 perspectives, and creates a simple but powerful blend of teaching & techniques that one can put into practice from Day 1. 


The course equipped me with a set of wisdom AND heart practices (analytical tools as well as meditative practices), that have greatly in regulating the sudden swings/outbursts of emotion that I'd been experiencing. I have had two clear takeaways from the course - the first is a much better ability to look at /deal with to any situation or stressful trigger with more objectivity and with less 'reactivity". The second is a wider perspective, and enhanced sense of calmness, which helps cope with the larger stressors in my life.


I can without a doubt say that this has been one of the best investments of my time I have made - thanks Sanjay for introducing me to CEB and the wider learning community- look forward to the continuing journey ahead.

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