Sanjay has a gift. He guides you through the clutter of everyday business, politics, life to see the important - now and for the future. Sanjay does this by helping you understand where you are – in life, in work, even in health – he helps you take a step back from yourself and see your situation for what it is – manageable!


Realizing where you’re at is only the first step, but a critical one. From there, Sanjay guides you through practices, stories, ‘habit hacks’ and a number of other low-intensity methods that help you better understand yourself and others in your life, and identify your own way forward. He goes at your pace, but keeps you honest.


I can honestly say Sanjay has made me a better worker, a better professional and a healthier, happier human. I’ve seen these changes in my team mates as well. He’s truly a happiness catalyst.


Aaron Leonard, Pact Myanmar



Sanjay ran a one-day workshop for 12 staff at the Regional Technical Services Office in Nairobi, Kenya and it was very popular and excellent value for money. The workshop focused on improving emotional intelligence skills and understanding  the “seven slices of happiness” which provides a simple and intuitive framework for improving work-life integration. I include below some quotes from the evaluation forms.


“Excellent! Practical, motivating & relevant to everyone’s job”

“Very helpful and interesting. Practical. Eye opening. Very inspiring”

“Great session Sanjay. You brought a whole new perspective to my life. I hope to have an opportunity to attend the full version of this workshop.”

“The workshop was absolutely awesome!!!! I feel I can take charge of all aspects of my life now and I'm aware of the impact each element has. Definitely going to recommend the workshop to others”


Dr. Desmond Chavasse |Senior Vice President and Chief Evidence Officer| PSI

Sanjay's workshop is from the heart, unpretentious, non preachy from one of us talking about the possibility of seeing the world differently from what we have been programmed. And also about the limitless power within each of us.


I've been hearing people say "Think positive. Don't have negative thoughts" - at every turn, and I'm like – yeah yeah yeah, what do you know how miserable I am - And till your workshop Sanjay, I didn't realize that thinking positively is a method, apart from an attitude, and a technique to intimate powers quite outside my control or even comprehension. Truly uplifting stuff, this.


Vignesh Eshwar, Financial Advisor, Mumbai, India

Sanjay’s workshop helped in realizing the negative emotions of losing a project but more important than that it helped us to come together again and share a beautiful experience that will build us together and moving forward. He helped us to look inside of ourselves and work on our fears in a positive way which will empower us.


Shazina Masud, Country Head, PSI Nepal

When work pressure and personal expectations clash in an epic battle, at times blinding the seeker off one's path ahead, one needs the support of the likes of Sanjay who helps one in re-engineering the jumbled up thoughts and forge a truce between personal and professional conflicts and excel.


Sanjay has the capacity to assess his client's needs through a meticulous lens yet filled with empathy and a genuine curiosity to know what will work best with the client in the given circumstances.


I had Sanjay's support when I needed him the most, while moving to a new professional territory where not only I had to learn the rope of a new trade but also had a global audience casting their eyes on me with soaring expectations that I wasn't even aware of.


Sanjay helped me simplify my doubts about my own capabilities with his sharp yet entertaining questions and gradually helped me not only overcome all of them but also set much higher goals for myself both at work and my personal life than I could imagine before.


He is an emotional coach par excellence and a buddy in real time of need. I sincerely cherish every coaching session we shared. Hope many more professionals who are stranded in the middle of their careers due to insoluble conflicts will benefit from Sanjay's assistance.


Dr. Nayanjeet Chaudhry, Senior Technical Advisor, Medronic Foundation, India

It was a delight working with Sanjay, a true professional who listens to you, including reading behind the lines for what you REALLY need.


I went to him for a career-related "decluttering" of my mind and left with a more holistic sense of what genuinely makes me happy, my strengths and uncovered new aspirations for my career.


Using a mixed format of guided conversations, exercises and food for thought, Sanjay arrived at the root of what I wanted to achieve with great empathy, kindness and expertise.


I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a sounding board and/or guide to help you boost your career and personal life.

Chandana Balasubramanian,

Corporate Storytelling | Content Marketing | Thought Leadership